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aleksandra walczak

I’m a multidisciplinary designer, specialising in User Experience. I have a background in Architecture, where I learned to design everything from development strategy, through complex systems to visual design.

I have worked on all stages of projects both small and large, and I am always excited to learn the domain, understand the unique challenge and provide solutions that would fulfil both business and user needs.

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My popular blog posts:

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my journey to UX/UI

design thinking

Architecture taught me to understand the context and specifics of a problem, before jumping into sketches. I worked on designs that tackle the refugee crisis and an anti-smog manifesto.

tech & coding

I am passionate about the possibilities technology can give us and even studied computer science for a year. I designed pasta based on mathematical equations, coded in Python.


My architectural studies gave me a good foundation of visual design. I learned about colour theory, composition and attended courses such as painting, sculpture and typography.

my professional values

lifelong learning

What I love about design is that it touches many disciplines, and there is always something new to discover.


I see design as a part of a larger context and not just what happens on the screen. I focus on a solution that fits within the entire user journey.

feedback is a gift

I believe that great projects come from a mix of different ideas. I see feedback as a gift that helps me improve both myself and the products I am working on.

design & business

I like the way the design can contribute to businesses and generate measurable results. I also wrote a blog post on how UX Designers add value to businesses.

outside of work

When I am not designing, I try to spend a lot of time in nature. I fell in love with the Swiss Alps so you can find me there either hiking or snowboarding. I also practice yoga, read non-fiction stories and enjoy improv games.

5 facts about me:

  1. I lived in 6 different countries
  2. As part of a performance I've slept in a museum
  3. I've spent 2 weeks hitchhiking in Spain
  4. I designed flowers using mathematical equations
  5. I'm a beginner ramen cook

pictures of my interests