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Brand identity and UI design for an app that provides personalised event recommendations for urban professionals, living an active lifestyle.


  • Developing a logo and cohesive branding regardless of the platform
  • Creating a style that will target the user and not my personal style

my contribution

It was an individual project I went through alone while testing divergent directions with users that guided me towards a solution.


Based on provided low-fidelity wireframes I developed a direction that would stand out from the competitors and create a feeling of personalised experience that the users were looking for.

I also created branding guidelines to create a cohesive experience regardless of the platform.


Sketch, InVision, Illustrator, Photoshop

key screens
Key high fidelity screens

oversaturated event market

Users need a way to stay up-to-date with the local scene but have difficulty finding personalised events that keep their interest.

People are overwhelmed by the number of choices they have. There are so many options that it’s really hard to find the right one.

too many events

who are the users?

I was provided with 2 personas, city-based professionals that lead a healthy, active lifestyle and don’t have time to waste hunting for events.

Nate - primary persona

“There is so much going on in the city, where do I start?

I need something that will show me all local happenings in an organized and accessible way.”

nate picture

learnings from the competitors

Analysing the competition helped me develop the following set of goals to help the new app stand out:

  • Explore a minimalistic, subtle dark style

  • Use distinct typography that will stand out from the geometric ones

  • Create colour overlays but in a more subtle way than the competitors

  • Develop a visual logo

competitor logos

exploring the brand identity

I developed 3 design directions that would fit to Nate’s persona and were as divergent as possible. The feedback from user testing helped me develop a final direction.

1. Fresh / geometric

Users liked the energy coming from the colour palette, however, the sharp edges made them feel like the design is out of date.

fresh/geometric moodboard
fresh/geometric styleguide

2. Soft / minimalistic

The soft corners appeared very modern, but the colour palette looked too generic to the users.

soft/minimalistic moodboard
soft/minimalistic styleguide

3. Dark / urban

The dark design seemed to suggest a certain type of events, such as concerts. I dropped pursuing this direction since Vente provides events of different types.

dark moodboard
dark styleguide

final branding direction

logo concept
mockup branding

from low to high fidelity

I was provided with annotated wireframes from the UX team. I evaluated and optimised them before coming up with the final design.

onboarding screens
key screens

key takeaways