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driving platform redesign

I proposed and executed a strategy for improving the usability of DoiT's Cloud Analytics Reports through a series of small data-driven improvements.
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Cloud Analytics Reports help clients break down and understand their Google Cloud and AWS cost. It is a powerful tool used by our customers and internally by our Account Managers to provide insights into our customers' spending.

my role

I worked on the end-to-end design process from proposing the changes, through research, design, and testing.


As in the flexibility–usability tradeoff, we kept observing our beginner users being overwhelmed with our complex, powerful B2B tools. The project aims to redesign the interface to drive adoption among all our users.


Instead of a complete redesign, I proposed breaking this complex problem into small, solvable chunks. Each piece was a data-driven solution to a specific problem. Small changes also meant more straightforward implementation & fewer bugs in the making.




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designing alignment

Design is a team sport, and everyone has different perspectives. I involved multiple stakeholders in getting diverse perspectives and creating a shared vision.

animation showing changes over time

breaking down the elephant

Instead of starting a complex, scary redesign project, I proposed gradual improvements using existing patterns. We used a data-driven approach to target each opportunity. Small changes also meant more straightforward implementation & fewer bugs in the making.

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design for change over time

As users become familiar with our Cloud Analytics, they start using more and more features. We mapped their journey with our platform over time and identified opportunities to improve user experience throughout their journey.

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functional flows

I mapped out different elements & desired behaviours to help engineers understand the desired behaviour in different scenarios.



Chaotic creation flow


Linear creation flow


Most used features are hard to find among others


Most used features are exposed, while others are hidden under advanced options


Limited and hard to find options


More flexibility, easier selection