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Me sitting on the mountains with cheese

Iā€™m Aleksandra, a multidisciplinary designer specialising in user experience

I love exploring new methods, tools and building figma plugins*
*also cheese and mountains šŸ˜‰

selected work


I write on UX Collective ā†— about experimenting with different tools and methods within design
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With 10+ years of design experience across physical and digital products, I bring a unique blend of creative skills with a systems approach to design.
My background in architecture and computer science allows me to simplify technical complexities and deliver value to users and businesses.
I enjoy experimenting with various techniques, tools, and media and am currently exploring AR filters. I've also created a popular Figma plugin for accessibility.
me on the mountains

my superpowers

systems thinking

I can navigate complex projects with lots of ambiguity. I see how my work connects to other systems and think through possible use cases.


I can confidently present my work to senior stakeholders, explain design decisions to different audiences and adapt language accordingly.

cross-team collaboration

I identify and invite stakeholders to the design process early on by running workshops and getting feedback on early ideas.

customer iq

I find innovative ways to approach users, even with no official research budget and base my decisions on real-world data.